What Does A Web Designer Do?

It seems web designers do it all, depending on whom you ask. Because web designer is often used to refer to all website creators.

It is much more difficult than that. Planning, content creation, and artistic effort are all necessary to make a website. It also requires hiring specialists. Web designers are one of these specialists. They usually play a very specific part in the process. Web designers are skilled in a variety of tasks, but it is important to be aware of what they do. This could lead to a loss of time or money. Let’s take a look at web design’s common duties and how they relate to web development.

Web Design—What Is It?

Web design covers the content organization and design execution. Web designers concentrate on the “frontend” aspect of a website which is what users interact with.

This means that they can select the photos and imagery as well as fonts, shapes language, color schemes, and buttons. Sketch or Photoshop are used to create mockups of how the website will look when the code is added.

Web Designers Are Involved In What?

Let’s review some of the most common roles that web designers play in creating websites.

  • Website strategist – Determines business goals through market research.
  • Graphic designer: Creates website’s logo, color scheme typography, icons, illustrations, and typography.
  • Copywriter: Writes headlines and body copy for the website.
  • UX designer: Optimizes web elements based on user expectations and behaviors by creating wireframes.
  • UI designer – Creates buttons, forms, as well other interactive elements.
  • Web designer – Focuses solely on visual elements of websites and converts wireframe layouts to finished web pages.
  • Front-end web designer: Implements web design using HTML, CSS, and Javascript on web browsers.
  • Back-end web designer: Uses code language to create complex web pages.

A web designer is able to take a website strategist’s goals along with a UX Designer’s wireframe, and combine graphic designers, copywriters, and UI developers’ content to create a page mockup. A web developer then uses code to transform the design mockup file into a live page. If you’re looking to hire web designers, it is important to have your strategy to design company website.

But, you should not take these job descriptions lightly. These are generalizations. This definition of “web designer” is a generalization. Many people use the term broadly. Web designers usually do market research and graphic design. UX is also a common function. Companies or clients may combine roles and responsibilities based on their budgets. Before beginning a project you should agree on your roles.

What A Web Designer Does?

  • Visual design, layout: Web designers arrange web content to optimize visual communication and hierarchy.
  • Mobile and responsive designs: Web designers also create tablet and mobile versions of websites.
  • Static Mockup Files: Web designers create image images that depict the website’s final appearance.
  • Exportable design assets
  • Photo editing: Web designers need to be able to modify page media.
  • Formatting – Web designers can implement and test designs in web browsers by using formatting languages such as HTML and CSS.