Signs That You Should Hire A Plumber To Clean Your Drains

Do you get tired of the horrible smell coming from your kitchen? Do you notice that your water drains slower and slower? You need to call a professional plumber to clean out your drains and get them working properly. Many people make the error of cleaning it themselves. It can lead to a loss of time and expense. You won’t be capable of getting rid of these stubborn clogs with your home remedies. The coat hanger method can cause damage to your pipes. For more information, read on.

The Drain Has A Terrible Odor

Are you noticing a fishy, musty smell emanating from your kitchen or bathroom? It could be your drain if in doubt, you can take a stroll over to the drain and give it a good sniff. There could be many factors that are causing the smell. You could have gunk buildup in your kitchen or bathroom drains. A buildup can be caused by things like coffee grinds and grease, as well as hygiene products such as paper towels.

The sewer system could also be responsible for the horrible smell. No matter what the cause, it is best to hire a plumber to clean your drains. Hot water and soap won’t do the trick, contrary to popular belief. To solve the problem, a professional will be needed.

Clogging Is A Common Theme

You might have noticed that some plumbing fixtures in your home are not draining properly. It takes ages for the bathroom to drain. The water in the bathtub is not flowing as it should. Your dishwasher holds more water than normal when you open it. These signs are indicative of a bigger problem.

Clogging in your home is a sign that the main sewer is clogged. It’s best to leave this job to the professionals. It is important to not ignore the problem. This can lead to mold growth within your home and a much larger problem. Call a professional blocked drains plumber immediately to correct the problem and bring your drain back to normal.

Unfamiliar Sounds

Strange sounds can be alarming but homeowners often ignore them. They ignore any whirring sounds from their HVAC system. They ignore any hums or hisses from their dryer and washer. When their drain makes strange sounds, they do the same. What is the common thread between all these problems? Neglecting them will only make the problem worse.

If your drain is clogged, you will hear the water making a gurgling sound when it tries to drain. A sign of blockage is usually gurgling. Untreated, a blocked drain can lead to a full blockage. You can hear the water rushing through the blockage, releasing several air bubbles. Your main sewer may be clogged. To resolve the problem, you should hire a professional plumber.

Backyard Puddles Are Forming

Many homeowners find it difficult to connect strange occurrences inside and outside their homes. This is evident when puddles form in your backyard. This is a sign that your drain is clogged. Most homeowners will not see it as such, but it is. Take stock of your yard every so often. Take note of the areas where puddles tend to form in your yard.

You can take a look at the puddle outside and call a professional plumber immediately. A clogged drain can cause puddles in your backyard. It’s not uncommon for debris, such as leaves, twigs, and sticks to get trapped inside, causing a blockage. This can be easily fixed if caught early. It can cause serious damage to your landscape and the foundation of your home.

Standing Water

Standing water is a bad sign. You should immediately schedule an appointment to see a plumber if you find standing water in your shower, sink, or tub. It’s not uncommon for standing water to form. Your shower or bathtub can have standing water. This could be due to hair buildup and self-care products.

Food, grease, or other substances may be causing the standing water. Standing water is not a cause for concern. To ensure your pipes are not further damaged, it is best to call a professional to clear the blockage.