These Are Some Great Tips Before You Buy Your Tween’s First Bra

For many young girls, their first bra is more than a simple piece of clothing. It can evoke powerful and conflicting reactions from parents. Your brain may recognize it is an important milestone. However, your heart may fear it, as it could be the end of your little girl’s childhood.

How Old Should You Wear a Bra?

When you start to notice these changes, you will be able to buy your first bra. However, every woman is different. Some girls may notice changes in their bodies instantly, while others may be more sensitive. If you are unsure about your readiness, it is recommended that you purchase your first bra at age 13.

Signs It’s Time for Your First Bra

Your body goes through major changes when you reach puberty. Your body may grow taller, you might develop acne, you will have your first period, and your chest will expand. It’s a major step in growing up. How can you know when you’re ready to buy your first bra?

The average age girls turn eleven to get their first bra is 11. However, bras can be needed a little before or after that date. Each girl’s body will be different so there is no right or wrong age to get your first Bra. How can you determine when your first bra should be purchased? These four signs may indicate that you should ask your family for help when shopping for bras.

1. When Your Breasts Are Starting To Develop?

If your chest starts to look different and bigger, it is probably time to purchase your first bra. Your breasts start to grow as you enter puberty. If your breasts appear to be growing, you may need to consider getting a bra.

2. When Your Friends Are Wearing Bras?

Did you notice your classmates or friends talking about first bras? Maybe it’s time for you to join this club and buy your first bra. Even though peer pressure can sometimes be harmful, if you feel embarrassed or left out because of your braless appearance, it may be time to purchase one.

3. When Your Boobs Become Painful or Uncomfortable?

Hormones can make your boobs swell during puberty. Hormones can affect the way your skin and fluids work together, making your boobs feel a lot more painful as you grow. It’s normal to feel aches and discomforts in your chest. It is also a sign that it’s time for you to start thinking about bras.

4. When You Feel That You Need More Help For Sports

Do you feel uncomfortable in the gym? Or at work with your expanding chest? If you are finding it difficult to run or play with your developing chest, you might consider getting a bra that supports you.

Before you buy your tween’s first bra, it’s important to consider the size and shape of her breasts. You can find bra shops in Australia that will help you find the right size and style for your daughter. Also, be sure to ask your daughter how she feels about bras. Some girls feel uncomfortable wearing them, while others love the way they look and feel. If your daughter is uncomfortable with bras, it may be best to wait until she is older and has more experience with them.